hey guys! im happy! schools almost out!!! woop woop!!!

srry bout that anyways dripdrop can u plz comment ur email adress on this post so i can make u an author? the day u do that i think i can make u an author maybe 1 or 2 days later.



Rockhopper is here ! The new item Kinda stinks since its just a background but oh well I bought a lot of the plants though lol well heres the free item if you havent seen it


Yup just a background xD

Well schools almost out!!!! and its a 3 day weekend this week WOOOT and I have 6 more days of school wooo I cant wait until schools out! and guess what im trying out for the vollyball team tuesday! hopefully I make it cuz my friend says im good at vollyball :lol:

and I made a new video




hey guys i havent been on latly and this site stinks. im gonna start up again and im tired of u buggin me so dripdrop u can be an author just comment on dis post

thx guys


im off sprinf break and back in school. its boringgggggggggggggggggg!!!!! whats the point of school anyways?!?!?

I’m Back too!

Hey guys! I’m here again! I know I hav not been here for awhile, and it is the same reason cucca was gone. SCHOOL!! It gets so busy and you dont have time for anything else! The teachers need to find something better to do than give projects all the ding-dong day! I will be on alot for awhile cuz my last day of school was on Friday! Im on my SPRING BREAK!Im so happy to take a week off… im going to new orleans too!



I’m back!!!

Hi people! It’s me Catherine. Sorry I’ve been gone for uh…a month. School can be really hard. I have another Retreat in two weeks. Lake Champion here I come!!!!

Happy Early Valentines Day!!

Yo everyone!!! Happy early Vday!! I no today is fri. the 13th, but nothing bad happened to me!! woop!!! i just ate lots of candy!!!!!!! woop woop woot!!!